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Agnieszka Gzyl - pioneer of painting with the silicone –  her own medium technique. Aga’s 3 dimensional artworks remind more design objects then the paintings and are to be touched. The artist draws from the expertise of science discoveries that hat child’s development is shaped by the experiences that he/she interacts with the outside world through the senses of sight and touch as a first. This habit remains hidden in adults therefore, Aga is drawing viewers’ attention to these senses reversing them to the pure child joy of free examining the artworks with hands.

Her art is also uniquely accessible to visually handicapped people, as well as to physically disabled or autistic people encouraging them to undertake the physical action to touch the artworks. Children are also enjoying Aga’s art, having opportunity to interact naturally with the paintings interesting way at early age.

Aga has done over 40 exhibitions in Europe (Poland, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, France) and United States, being featured by European and US art magazines. Most recently nominated by the Dubai, UAE Global Art Awards 2017 for "Most Innovative Creative Artist of the Year" . 


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