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We design healing architectural projects grounded in scientific research on factors influencing human behavior, with a strong emphasis on nature. Our primary goal with our recent hospital client was to create a transformative environment that offers therapy and shifts patients' focus from illness to a setting enriched with nature and art.

All of the mentioned factors have been applied to our design methodology, however, hospital healing architectural projects generates restrictions in planning due to the projection of specific technical, lighting, materials and or bacteriological regulations and restrictions.


Commercial real estate environments provide architects with significantly more freedom to implement a wider range of ideas.

  • Living space sizes and shapes

  • Lighting: daylight, artificial lighting, light sources

  • Acoustic

  • Materials used in interior design

  • Applying other stimulants influencing other senses (i.e. sense of touch, smell, hearing)

  • Colors to be applied

  • Shapes in design

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